Mobile, fast and accurate measurement of nitrogen dioxid, nitrogen monoxid and nitrogen oxides (patent in EU, patents pending in USA & China):

Datasheet ICAD-NO2-NOx-NO Instrument (PDF Download)

The ICAD (Iterative CAvity enhanced DOAS) NO2 / NOx / NO measurement system uses direct optical absorption spectroscopy in the spectral range between ~ 430 to 465 nm. By measuring the absorption spectrum and applying the ICAD algorithm, the unique and characteristic absorption structure of NO2 is directly identified and separated from other overlapping absorptions like water vapour (H2O) or Glyoxal (CHOCHO). This gives the advantage of direct NO2 measurements (in comparison to CLD) without interferences to other substances or the need of drying mechanism which introduce new interferences (e.g. CLD, CRD, CAPS).

As the ICAD system relies not on absolute intensities, but rather characteristic differential absorption structures, it has no absolute zero point drift and is insensitive to temperature variations, vibrations and light source degradation. It is thus the perfect tool for accurate and precise long term measurements, but also for mobile applications, especially where high precision and fast response times are required. An internal converter for NO to NO2 (optional) allows measuring also NOx / NO with the same system (patent pending). The operation is simple as no consumable gases are required. Patents: EP3329251, US & China patents pending