• EU/Horizon2020: “City Air remote sensing” (05/2019-04/2023) – Further development and implementation of our “Plume chasing”-NO2/NOx-instrument in a worldwide consortium (Link)
  • University of Heidelberg: “Examples of Start-ups” 2017 (Link)
  • Econo (Economic Magazine): „Umweltphysiker beweisen richtigen Riecher“ Nr. 3/2017 14.07.2017 (German) (PDF Download)
  • Scientific Magazine Ruperto Carola „Stop & Go“ Nr. 9, Dec. 2016,  „Air pollution in the city“ (German & English) (Link)
  • Press Release of the University of Heidelberg 29.06.2016 (English) (Link)

More press releases and studies on demand or here (link to University of Heidelberg).